In 1996 I studied at Portsmouth University – it was an access course in Media Studies and Photography. This was the launching pad to opening a business in 1998 as a wedding photographer. I realised how much some of the leading photographers had shaped my own journey on a recent visit to London. Not having been to the capital for many years, I was confronted with the most inspirational architecture and street scenes. It was the work of Edward Steichen in particular – an American photographer (1879 – 1973), which then came to my mind and I was aware that I had subconsciously been chasing images like this ever since. His photographs are some of the most beautiful I have ever seen. Other firm favourites remain as Dorothea Lange (documentary photographer of the great American Depression) and Julia Margaret Cameron, who successfully brought such a theatrical and ethereal element to her pioneering photography.

Photographing people in the area in which they live and work, alongside the world where they ‘escape’, are inspirations for my work. I just love working with people as the ongoing portraiture and wedding photography shows. I have especially enjoyed meeting the Steampunk folk who present a commitment to family, honour and an unrivalled devotion to the whimsical.

In addition I have used close up images gathered from the natural landscape to produce desktop calendars. Where some artists used mix media I like to gather photographic images of similar kind and character to form photographic illustrations. In the second website which I created, I also included pen and ink drawings.

Previous Projects

Someone who has helped to record my journey of chasing images is Martin (Still-Moving). With thanks to my genius graphics friend!

These are some past projects that we have created: