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Sooz Box – Creative Photography & Design

If you stop to think about it, it still happens inside a box. The light gets in and produces an image. It is simply up to us where we travel with our box and what we choose to observe. (Canon and Nikon just jazzed up the pinhole….)

There is a clear cross over in my work where the boundaries of portraiture/social and landscape photography now merge. When confronted with a new landscape – be it barn, flint wall or streams of watercress beds; my first thought is to observe the patterns and textures. The second is usually who I would place in that setting. The designs which one finds in the natural world dazzle me. I am constantly looking to incorporate this to create unique portraits – for someone else to stop and enjoy the ‘more’ that is outside and within, finding a way beyond the looking glass.

It’s all about thinking outside of the box………………. trust me, it’s out there…..

…Oh, and keep an eye out for the Wheelbarrows. They are the new Cybermen…